Love in the Time of Corona: A Comedy

Web Series - Comedic, Mockumentary

Featuring: Sean Hoagland, Hannah Beck and Leo The Dog

A couple navigates life and love during an unprecedented modern crisis. With anxiety running high, what happens when two people and their rambunctious dog are forced to self-isolate in a small New York apartment? We'll see it all unfold in  . . .   Love in the Time of Corona: A Comedy. 

* 2020 Finalist in the Lift Off Global Festival


A Revolver Poster.jpg


A Revolver by OC London

Short Film - Drama


Featuring: Neal Matarazzo

A widower contemplates his lonely existence.

EBYT Poster.jpg


Every Breath You Take by Jean Passanate

Short Film - Thriller, Horror, Noir


Featuring: Hannah Beck, Gabe Bettio and Sean Hoagland

A woman in quarantine grows increasingly paranoid as she questions her husband's intentions and her own sanity.

An Ending Image Only.jpeg


AN ENDING by Traci Parks

Private Industry Reading

Featuring: Laura Esterman, Austin Pendleton, Robert LuPone, Hannah Beck, Sean Patrick Folster, and JJ Pyle

An Ending is a darkly comic, female-driven story about complicated family dynamics. Vera Gold, an elderly psychoanalyst, is not well. As she fights for her life, her agoraphobic husband (Sid) prepares for her death; her troubled middle-aged son (Kenny) angles to move back home; and her daughter (Nina), a single mother, struggles to stay financially afloat while navigating the family she’s worked hard to leave behind. Set in the suburbs of New York during the last months of a long, difficult marriage, An Ending explores the ties that both bind and fracture a family in crisis. 

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DANNY AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA by John Patrick Shanley 

Off-Broadway, The Davenport Theatre 

Directed by Helen Hayes Nominated Peter Allas

Starring: Hannah Beck and Jonathan Crimeni