A note from the Domani team . . .


Prior to the COVID pandemic, we were a recently launched production company with

myriad of projects in the works for both stage and film. We, like the rest of the world, are

in the process of adjusting and adapting to this new and unpredictable "normal."

We are grateful for all of the artists who have shared their work and talent with us and

we look forward to the day when we can safely gather again.

In the meantime, here's a look back at our first year!



Reading Salon

Each month, we invite writers, actors and directors to our home to socialize, drink wine, read scripts and brain storm next projects.  


For the company, it's a pressure-free way to connect with other artists, foster creativity and plan future programming.


For writers wishing to bring new work or works in progress, it's an opportunity to hear their pages aloud in a relaxed environment.


For actors and directors, it's a chance to meet fellow creatives and discuss possible collaborations.  


We hope you'll join us.

Past readings include:

 •Flawless: A Feminist Fairytale by Deborah Rayne (www.deborahrayne.com) (pilot)

•The Shower by Chelsea MacLaren (www.chelseamaclaren.com) (short film)​

•I am Zeitgeist by Joe Sexton (pages of a new work)

•Stepping Into Greatness by Philip D'Gracie (full length screenplay)

•Preserve by Phoebe Garcia Pearl (www.phoebe-pearl.com) (micro-short)​

•The Sock Game by Jacqueline O'Kelly (one act)

•Your Hearts Desire by Rich Orloff (full length play)

•Pumpkin Spice Latte Anonymous by Desi Waters (short screenplay)

•Love Quest by Steve McGraw (full length play)

•Smashing The Urn by Andy Cooper Leary (one act)

•The Critique by Jack Landon (micro short)

•We are Not Unspectacular Things by Bixby Elliot (www.bixbyelliot.com) (full length play)

•Aquamarine by Bixby Elliot (short screenplay adapted from a play)

•Varsity Lock In by Aaron Murtagh (short screenplay)

•The Night Before by Sean Hoagland (micro short)

•Eternal  by Sean Hoagland (micro short)

•The Proteus Factor by Brian Trent (www.briantrent.com) (feature length screenplay)

•2020: A Fantasy by Raven Petretti (full length play

•A Very Irish Killing by Derek Murphy (full length play)

•The Love Parts by Derek Murphy (web series

•Good Job by Lowell Byers (https://www.lowellbyers.net) (short screenplay /possible pilot for web series)

•The Magic Number by Risa Mickenberg (www.risamickenberg.com) (feature screenplay) 

•An Ending by Traci Parks (full length play) 


Micro Shorts

We take a very short script (2-4 pages max) and shoot it on a zero budget. Similar to our monthly reading series, it is an opportunity for talented creatives to come together, pool their talents and create exciting new work. 

Log Line

Two criminals sit down to hear the review of their most recent bank heist.

Written by: Jack Landon

Directed by: Jack Landon

Starring: Neal Matarazzo, Regina Gibson & Rafael Pacheco

Log Line

Three rebels prepare to commit 

a horrific act to incite a second American civil war.

Written by: Sean Hoagland

Directed by: Phoebe Garcia Pearl

Starring: Hannah Beck, Blake Merriman & Sean Hoagland



Danny and The Deep Blue Sea

Off-Broadway, The Davenport Theatre

Directed by Helen Hayes nominated Peter Allas

Starring Hannah Beck and Jonathan Crimeni


An Ending

Private Industry Reading


Featuring: Laura Esterman, Austin Pendleton, Robert LuPone, Hannah Beck, Sean Patrick Folster, and JJ Pyle

AN ENDING by Traci Parks  

An Ending is a darkly comic, female-driven story about complicated family dynamics. Vera Gold, an elderly psychoanalyst, is not well. As she fights for her life, her agoraphobic husband (Sid) prepares for her death; her troubled middle-aged son (Kenny) angles to move back home; and her daughter (Nina), a single mother, struggles to stay financially afloat while navigating the family she’s worked hard to leave behind. Set in the suburbs of New York during the last months of a long, difficult marriage, An Ending explores the ties that both bind and fracture a family in crisis.