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~Karin A. , playwright & screenwriter

My experience with Domani Productions at the helm of my film was incredible. We came in at the projected cost (barely a dollar over)  and all of the staff - from our director to the phenomenal crew - came from their recommendations.  They have been in the business for a long time and know who to rely on. Not only was everyone beyond skilled at their job, they were also incredibly easy to work with. As someone from the theater world, this was my first foray into film and based on this experience, I would not hesitate to do it again so long as Domani was in charge. 

~Raven P. , playwright & screenwriter

As we prepared for an industry reading of my play An Ending, Hannah took a deep dive into my script, combing through each moment and asking great questions to clarify meaning and draw out what was missing. We worked hard and had fun!   

~Traci P. , playwright 

Hannah’s script consults are amazing. I was stuck on a project and couldn’t find the inspiration to make much needed edits. We reviewed feedback I had previously received and Hannah’s keen insights, industry knowledge and in depth analysis of the material completely unlocked me. The script has since received stellar reviews from two top 10 TV Pilot Competitions and I couldn’t be happier! This the second time I have used Domani Productions' services and I highly recommend.

~Raven P. , playwright & screenwriter

The salon was such a cool event. It was incredibly helpful to my process and just plain fun!  It was great to hear the the material aloud. The observations were what I hoped. The questions were what I hoped. I feel like I have guidance now as I continue to write and develop. Thank you so much.  

 ~Andy C. , playwright, screenwriter & Emmy award winner

Domani Productions was a delight to work with on I Love You Too. Their work ethic, communication, ideas, and constant support were beyond what I expected. But the biggest thing to praise Sean and Hannah for is their passion. They love doing this - every part of it.

And that is what makes them stand out. 

 ~Chelsea M. , screenwriter 

As a writer, crafting my play Dust of Egypt proved both challenging and enormously satisfying. But when it came to all the diverse aspects of production, from auditions and casting to rentals and budgeting, I needed expert guidance. That’s why I turned to Domani Productions. As seasoned film and theatre professionals, Hannah and Sean understand the creative side of developing a project, but also have extensive experience in navigating the business side of the entertainment industry. Domani Productions’ support and practical advice are giving me the edge I need to succeed in a highly competitive field.  
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